Oxi-Gard: An Innovative Natural Antioxidant

Oxi-Gard Attributes

Oxi-Gard is an innovative and next ground breaking anti-oxidant to enter the natural market in years. ANP uses it’s proprietary technology to isolate specific natural plant compounds and then combine these compounds together to create a superior natural anti-oxidant. Our Anti-oxidant has a higher ORAC value than other plant extracts which leads to better stability of your highly oxidative oils. By combining these natural plant compounds we also achieve some of the lowest peroxide values when added to highly oxidative oils. Oxi-Gard’s mode of action terminates the oxidation chain reaction and then inhibits other oxidation reactions from initiating. This slows down the primary oxidation reaction which then significantly inhibits the secondary and tertiary reactions from starting. Although oxidation can not be stopped in oils, Oxi-Gard does slow down the rate at which oxidation occurs.

Oxi-Gard Products