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ANP LLC is a full service R&D technology company that specializes in flavor systems for the food industry. ANP uses the most innovative technologies across multiple industries and applies that technology to the customers' project to meet their needs. By doing so ANP can design natural flavor systems to withhold up to extreme processing conditions, help increase shelf life, reduce sodium, create cost savings or reduce calories from sugar by using a natural flavor system. We are also the Western distribution for our sister company Flavor Solutions Inc.


  • Custom Designed Flavor Systems
  • Over 60 yrs Experience
  • Always Quality Ingredients
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We make it simple for you to complete those tough projects without having to spend money on R&D. One of ANP LLC's products are the perfect addition to make your product standout from the rest.


The Micro-Fresh product line is an innovative natural preservative that replaces artificial preservatives such as Benzoate, Sorbates, BHT, BHA and other artificial preservatives in your product to give you a cleaner friendlier label. There is a Micro-Fresh product designed to fit you products needs.

*All Micro-Fresh products are organic compliant and can be Organic.

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Natural Antioxidant

Oxi-Gard is an innovative and next ground breaking anti-oxidant to enter the natural market in years. ANP uses it’s proprietary technology to isolate specific natural plant compounds and then combine these compounds together to create a superior natural anti-oxidant.  

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Natural Sweet Enhancer

This is a new way to sweeten and reduce your sugar calories in your product. Our Sweet Flavor Enhancer contains no artificial sweeteners or natural sweeteners but is labeled as Natural Flavor. 

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